Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Medical malpractice is an intricate branch of the law that requires extensive knowledge and expertise. As such, victims often believe that they cannot win their case. If you feel as though your healthcare practitioner has not provided you with a duty of care that is standard, you must bring the issue to our personal injury lawyers in Hamilton. You and your loved ones do not deserve to suffer from a damaging or fatal mistake.

Examples of medical malpractice include:

  • Surgical Errors
  • Administration Errors

  • Medication Prescription Errors

  • Misdiagnosis and Delayed Diagnosis

  • Pregnancy or Childbirth Negligence

  • Absence of Informed Consent

  • Refusal to Provide Care Based on Discrimination

DWA Lawyers for Medical Malpractice Cases?

Whether your case is against a surgeon, midwife, or chiropractor, healthcare professionals, though experienced and trusted, are still human and can make mistakes. When that happens, we’re here to represent you and take action against errors, negligence, and malpractice. As we investigate your case, a DWA medical malpractice lawyer will strive to prove that your healthcare professional’s actions resulted in:

  • Disability

  • Continual Pain and/or Suffering

  • Substantial Loss of Income and/or Hardship

Note: If the category of pain and suffering applies to your case, there is a retribution limit of $350,000. However, extreme medical malpractice cases and cases that fall under other categories may qualify for higher amounts of financial retribution.

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Duty of Care

When you seek medical attention from a practitioner or establishment, they have a duty of care towards you. In other words, they are legally bound to potentially not cause you harm, either through acts or omissions.

Medical negligence is divided into different categories:

  • Breaches of Duty: An individual acted recklessly or neglectfully towards another person when providing standard care.
  • Causation: This is the act of an individual causing harm when they should have known the outcome.
  • Damages: These are the results of an individual’s negligent actions.

No matter what type of malpractice situation you have experienced, a personal injury lawyer in Hamilton can tell you if your case is worth pursuing. When you come in for a consultation, we will explain the process in detail.

What We Will Do

Our experienced medical malpractice lawyers accept the challenges our clients bring to make our community stronger. When you consult us, we will need your help. Providing us with your documentation, such as the defendant’s medical history and reports, will allow us to thoroughly analyze and find the break we need. Our medical malpractice lawyers welcome all types of documentation, including:

  • X-rays
  • Biopsies
  • Ultrasounds
  • Doctor’s Notes
  • Lab Test Results
  • Prescription Forms
  • Hospital Attendance

With your documentation, DWA Law will hire a certified healthcare professional to work in tandem with us and prove that your healthcare practitioner had a duty of care to you. While our medical malpractice lawyers are hard at work, you have the time to recover and adjust to your new situation.

Our Hamilton team values communication and will keep you updated on our progress. A medical malpractice lawyer will advise you on the best approach, either settling out of court or going to trial. Should your case call for the latter, it is highly recommended that you have legal counsel to represent you because malpractice suits are one of the hardest suits to prove.

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Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyers by Your Side

The team at DWA Law has assisted many Hamilton families and individuals inside and outside of the courtroom, getting them the support they need, from answering their questions to providing resources for rehabilitation. Our personal injury law firm will defend your rights every step of the way.

DWA’s medical malpractice lawyers in Hamilton will be by your side to bring you justice and compensation for what you and your loved ones have endured. Get in touch with us today at    (905) 777-0300 or toll-free at 1-855-205-6273.