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MVA/Car Accidents

Whether you were in a bike, or motorcycle accident, have a car accident lawyer argue your case and help you heal from the trauma. Our team of Hamilton personal injury lawyers will also help you deal with insurance companies.

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Slip-and-Fall Accidents

If you have suffered personal injury from a slip-and-fall accident, you could be entitled to significant compensation. Whether you need support for an insurance claim, or you want to investigate your legal options, our personal injury lawyers can help.

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Assault Law

Domestic abuse and sexual assault cause physical, psychological, and emotional trauma, but with our assistance, we can get you the resources you need to work through and move on from the trauma. Find out why you need our Hamilton personal injury lawyers.

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Disability Insurance – Long and Short term

If you are having an issue with your insurance company, such as unreasonable demands, and privacy rights violations, or having disability benefits denied, delayed or prematurely ended, contact our legal team for help defending your rights and interests.

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Life and Critical Illness Insurance

You need the best representation to go up against insurance companies and corporations. Our Hamilton personal injury lawyers know how to handle these proceedings, so you can receive the compensation you deserve. Our claims and liability practice includes wrongful death, breach of contract, and disability.

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Defective Product

Our personal injury lawyers in Hamilton will thoroughly investigate your claim and conduct interviews to fully understand your case. Our law firm will put you in contact with specialists, so you can achieve the best recovery from the injuries caused by the defective product.

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Medical Malpractice

Our law firm looks into medical negligence and malpractice from nursing, surgical, and other types of errors. Our personal injury lawyers cover a vast area within the medical field, including birth injuries and misdiagnoses.

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Employment Law

Our experienced employment lawyers guide both employees and employers through the intricacies of dismissal. Our services cater to all facets of employment termination, including negotiating severance and addressing constructive dismissal, to ensure rights are upheld and equitable solutions are found.

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Estate Litigation

Choose DWA Law for comprehensive support and advocacy in estate disputes. Our experienced lawyers navigate will disputes, clarify estate documents, and address claims with empathy and dedication, offering expert legal guidance during the emotionally challenging times following a loved one’s passing.

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DWA Law will help you through the challenges you’re facing and protect your rights, as we’ve done for 1000’s of clients over the last 30 years.
We believe personal injury law can only be practiced successfully by SPECIALIZED, experienced, and caring injury lawyers. DWA LAW has argued and WON Millions of dollars for victims on a wide range of personal injury cases.
Our personal injury lawyers provide clients with compassionate professionalism that achieve results. We handle your case from claims to negotiations all the way to court proceedings. We work alongside you to gather the right documents, thoroughly review the case, and get you the necessary resources you need to recover.

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“I have had the good fortune to deal with Allen at DWA LAW on three separate occasions. The professionalism, courtesy and timely manner in which all concerns were dealt with is second to none. I can honestly say I would not entrust my legal concerns to any other law firm when dealing with personal injury or loss. Five stars simply aren’t enough to indicate just how superb this firm is in their dedication, perseverance and caring.”

Leslie Kovacs
Hamilton, Ontario

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We understand that the trauma and uncertainty of a serious injury can be overwhelming.

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We believe personal injury law can only be practiced successfully by experienced injury lawyers.

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Laura Dickson

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Laura Dickson

Exclusively plaintiff Practice with specialized knowledge and experience…

Allen Wynperle

Founder and Principal

Allen Wynperle

Allen Wynperle began his work in personal injury litigation in the spring of 1994.

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In the aftermath of a life-altering accident, finding support is paramount. Our Hamilton personal injury lawyers offer immediate assistance and expert assessment to determine the viability of your case.

From slip-and-fall incidents to wrongful death claims, we provide comprehensive representation, ensuring every aspect of your case is handled with care.

Our commitment extends beyond legal advocacy; we’re dedicated to supporting the community and seeking justice for all. With us by your side, you can rest assured that your case will be resolved with favorable financial results. 

Help is just a call or click away – contact a Dickson Wynperle Associates personal injury lawyer today to regain peace of mind and take the first step towards recovery.