We often take our health for granted. Most people are able bodied, and so they don’t consider what it would be like if that were to be taken away. Unfortunately, accidents happen every day, and we can never predict when they happen. You can slip and fall on a sidewalk that wasn’t properly maintained by a business, or end up in a devastating car accident. These accidents cause damage to the human body. Some people are lucky enough to walk away with bumps, scratches, and bruises. Other people end up with pain that will last for a long amount of time, but will eventually fade and their health will return in full down the road. And yet there are others who end up with a lifelong disability that must be managed and treated. As a society, we don’t talk about ‘disability’ and what that means. There are many cruel myths and uninformed opinions that float around about people with disabilities and how they live their lives. When a person gets into a serious accident, they often need a dedicated advocate who can help them get through the transition into a new life. A personal injury lawyer is a passionate and efficient ally to those who are dealing with the aftermath of an accident that has altered the way they live. If you or a loved one is struggling with this difficult and stressful adjustment, read on for a discussion of how an injury lawyer can assist you and your family in moving forward and blazing a new trail.

The Difference Between Disabilities and How They Change Your Life

Our society often only displays certain kinds of disabilities and chronic disorders, and often in an unfair light. Media representations of people with disabilities often choose to simply skim the surface, or play up the condition for humour. As a result, many people have a very narrow view of what a disability is and what accommodations a person with a condition needs. A personal injury lawyer needs to be able to distinguish what kind of problem has been caused by the accident before they can help you obtain the services and accommodations you need.

Major Accidents are Likely to Cause Serious Physical Disabilities

Physical disabilities are the most straightforward to understand. A physical disability is defined as “an acquired or congenital physical and/or motor impairment.” Personal injury attorneys are familiar with the effect this can have on your life and possible methods of mitigating it. For instance, if your mobility is affected, a wheelchair or a cane may be what you need. Many physical impairments make it difficult for people to work, and any job that requires fine motor skills may become impossible. A personal injury lawyer can help someone who is recovering from an accident and coming to terms with their new capabilities. Different situations require different adaptations and changes. Many of these steps require an expert’s opinion and advice, lest you get lost
in a system of bureaucracy.

Mental Disabilities Can Result From a Traumatic Experience

A mental disability is less simple to understand, and even the people who suffer from them often downplay the impact these disabilities have on their lives and pretend as though they aren’t as serious. This is understandable, as people with mental disabilities often face stigma from employers, friends, and even family. However, it can lead to more trouble and barriers in daily situations. This attitude leads to people not getting the help they need after a mental disability affects their capabilities and invades social gatherings or time spent alone at home. A mental disorder or illness is defined as a psychological or behavioural pattern that impairs the sufferer’s behaviour and causes them distress. Adjusting to a life wherein your mental capacities have been changed can be difficult and stressful. Many people manage to regain their old capabilities by learning new methods or undergoing therapies, while other people need to use technology or other aid to go about their lives. Gaining these resources requires tenacity, patience, and knowledge of the system – all qualities that a personal injury lawyer provides to their clients. This is a stress relieving service when a victim of an accident is coping with transitioning and adjusting to these changes.

The ‘Invisible’ Disability is Just as Serious as the Visible Variety

An invisible disability can be either physical or mental, but it holds its own unique challenges. Invisible disabilities are named because while they come with their own set of challenges and struggles, but an outsider cannot notice them. An example of an invisible disability is PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). PTSD causes the victim to ‘relive’ the accident again and again. People who live with PTSD often struggle with ‘triggers’ that cause them to experience paranoia, panic attacks, and other problematic experiences. Triggers are environmental effects such as fireworks or the noise of a crowd. A trigger is similar to the ‘auto complete’ function in search tools – PTSD has the effect of ‘auto-completing’ everyday scenarios and situations with the trauma of an accident. Bright lights, loud noises, or other common scenarios can stimulate the brain and induce anxiety attacks, ‘flashbacks’ to the accident, and agoraphobia (the fear of anxiety, open spaces, and loss of control). A personal injury lawyer can help a victim access resources such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR).

Accidents happen every day, and in the majority of them, all parties involved walk away without life changing consequences. Unfortunately, there are incidents wherein people do suffer permanent disabilities through no fault of their own. In a scenario like this, a personal injury lawyer is an invaluable asset. Adjusting to the changes in your life is nearly impossible to do on your own, and accidents often cause people to miss work and require certain therapies. If you or a loved one need to access the services of personal injury attorneys, then contact the experts at Wynperle. The injury lawyers at DWA LAW are experienced, and they will be able to help you through this tough transition with both expertise and personal service. They can address your concerns, and are only a phone call away.


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