Personal injury lawyers are here to help you, and that help can come in many forms. 

Whether it’s determining if and how you should move forward with your case, or helping to choose the right therapeutic treatments for the healing process after an injury, personal injury lawyers can be fantastic resources. 

However, when meeting with a personal injury lawyer, you’ll need to do your share. Preparing some notes before going to a lawyer and providing them with as many details as possible is crucial. At DWA LAW, we always aim to make our clients feel as comfortable as possible when working with our team of personal injury lawyers and staff.

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Fair Warning

If you or a loved one has sustained some type of personal injury, our lawyers are here to provide you with legal assistance. 

While we aim to be as compassionate as possible, compassion alone is not the answer. The only way we can properly do our jobs is by working with facts. Lawyers are not trained to provide counselling of a therapeutic nature. If our clients are having difficulty coping in the aftermath of an accident, we will be happy to refer them to the appropriate professionals.

That said, we ask that you come to us as calm and collected as possible, especially at the first meeting. Should you require someone you trust to accompany you for support, that is perfectly fine.

Meeting for the First Time

An initial consultation can take between 15 minutes and a couple of hours, and at Wynperle, this meeting is free of charge. During our first meeting we are happy to answer any of your questions and discuss what our fees are should you decide to engage us. 

Finding the Right Lawyer

The initial meeting will serve as an assessment on both sides of the table. You will be measuring up your personal injury lawyer in Guelph to determine whether they are professional, mesh well with your personality, and have adequate resources to help you.

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A personal injury lawyer will be evaluating whether or not you will make for a good witness if and when your case goes to trial. We look at several behavioural aspects:

  • Constant referral to notes
  • Clarity of memories
  • Appearance of injuries
  • Honesty

Personal injury lawyers do not appreciate their clients lying to them or embellishing on the truth. We work with facts and with trust. If you were doing something that you weren’t supposed to at the time of the accident, it is imperative that you tell us so we can determine the best way to proceed. 

Keep in mind, while not every client agrees with their lawyer’s outlook and strategy, it remains vital that you listen to their legal counsel and use your best judgement to decide whether or not to follow their advice. It is entirely up to you.

Asking Questions

People hire a personal injury lawyer in Hamilton because the law is difficult to understand and navigate. As certified specialists in civil litigation we practise exclusively in the area of personal injury law, and are happy to guide you to a favourable resolution. 

Make sure you ask us questions when something is unclear to you. It is alright to do so. Don’t be concerned about looking stupid or appearing confused. We are experts in personal injury law, and we’ll always be happy to explain anything you need, getting you the answers and compensation you need to move forward after an accident.

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Calling a Lawyer

Before calling up law firms, ensure that you are prepared to answer any questions about your case. It’s a good idea to keep your notes in front of you to consult with, but also have the details straight in your mind as well.

When you finally do call, you may begin your contact with us speaking with a personal injury paralegal or legal assistant rather than the lawyer. Our personal injury paralegals and assistants have many years of experience and are very knowledgeable of the law, they will ensure you are directed to the appropriate lawyer who will take the lead to ensure an optimum outcome on your case.  

Please bear in mind that in today’s environment not all initial consultations will be in-person. Some may be conducted over the phone, or via video conference, which means you must still be prepared and ask questions. 

Talk to a Wynperle Personal Injury Lawyer

We’ve successfully handled a variety of personal injury cases, from medical malpractice to defective products to motor vehicle accidents. Our staff will work with you from start to finish to make sure you get the compensation you deserve and find the emotional support you need.

Contact our personal injury law firm for a free consultation.

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