You or a loved one are already dealing with the trauma and pain of your personal injury, so you want to avoid any further complications by choosing the right personal injury lawyer.

Due diligence is key. You will need to research law firms, read testimonials, interview candidates, and more. It sounds like work, but by getting to know a law firm and what kind of people represent the company, you’ll be more at ease when they handle your case. After all, you’ll want the best personal injury lawyer you can find!

Wynperle personal injury lawyers have expertise in many areas of personal injury practice and will help you figure out if their firm is right for you.

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Research Online

Online research saves you a lot of time and avoids attending in-person to make inquiries and even phone inquires. While reviewing local law firms, you’ll want to make sure their practice areas include your type of injury. Have you sustained an injury as a result of an operation? Then, your injury will be categorized under medical malpractice. Were you injured because of a collision with a drunk driver or where you hit  while crossing a street? Your personal injury will fall under motor vehicle accidents.

You will also want to review the personal injury lawyers and their individual reputations. A lawyer should automatically be part of the Law Society of Upper Canada (Ontario’s Bar). There are other credentials you should look into, such as:

  • Professional associations
  • Publications
  • Teaching Engagements
  • Lectures and Seminars
  • Events for the community

Looking for a personal injury lawyer in Hamilton? View the biographies of Allen Wynperle or our staff members.


Email, phone, or make an appointment to visit your potential law firm to discuss a few factors, some of which will influence your case.


Ask the personal injury lawyer in Guelph what their experience is in your type of case. You may have already been directed to speak with a certain lawyer within the firm that deals primarily with cases much like yours, but it’s good to get more details. 

While discussing their experience, you should also ask for referrals from past clients to double check that the testimonials you found online are true. At the same time, ask about the firm’s resources. Your injury may be severe, so you’ll want to know:

  • Who else on their staff will be available to give you support while your case is worked on
  • What the staff’s roles will be when they provide you with support

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Some firms that practice personal injury law work on a contingency fee basis, which means that you won’t have to pay anything until they’ve resolved your case. Other law firms have disbursements. These consist of expenses during the investigation of your case. You may be responsible to pay disbursement fees up front or they may deduct the expenses from the final settlement to simplify matters. You’ll also want to know whether they charge by the hour or will also deduct this amount from the final settlement.

Possible Outcomes

The type of case you have will determine the possible outcomes open to you. Personal injury cases often mean you will need compensation for medical care, property damage, lost wages if you can no longer work, and other losses. Lawyers perform many roles in your case, from consulting with medical practitioners to getting your injury claim accepted by insurance companies to representing you in court. Ask your potential lawyer for a big picture view of how the case will go and how long they estimate it will take.


Nothing is simple in the legal world. It can take months before you get your settlement from filing a claim. The Ontario court can also take a while to come to a decision. Throughout your case, you’ll need to be in contact with your lawyer. Know when they are available and who you can speak with as an alternative. They may have one or more assistants and other staff members who can answer your questions with as much certainty as your lawyer.

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Make Your Decision

When you’re interviewing potential lawyers for your case, they may have the experience and knowledge that you want, but they just rub you the wrong way. It’s essential that you feel comfortable discussing such critical matters with them. 

When you’ve found what you feel is the best personal injury team, it’s time to get to work on your case! DWA LAW is still helping the community during the COVID-19 pandemic, so contact us today for a free consultation.

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