There are hundreds of accidents involving multiple vehicles every day. If you’ve ever been in a serious auto accident, you know the havoc and chaos that it brings to your life.

Traffic accidents generally involve two cars, but many people are injured in crashes involving three or more autos. Imagine the intensity of a multiple vehicle auto accident. Serious injuries are more common and most people feel confused about how to get through the maze of the big insurance companies.

Whether you’re involved in a slow-moving auto accident or a huge multiple vehicle pile-up, it helps to know how you can be compensated for any physical injuries and damages to your auto.

Common Causes of Multi-Car Accidents

  • Driver distraction is often the cause of multi-vehicle accidents. Drivers that are not focused on the task-at-hand are not concentrating on navigating the road.
  • For example, talking and texting while driving produces an increased potential for multiple car accidents. Distracted drivers are dangerous and until there is a bigger crackdown on the use of cell phones while on the road, this will continue to be a large problem.
  • Loud music, wearing earphones, reading maps, eating, intense conversations with passengers or even through hands-free cell usage are also distractions that cause accidents.
  • Speeding with excessive lane-changing is still the biggest cause of major pile-ups. The guilty party does not give surrounding cars time to react as they zip in and out of lanes trying to maintain their high speed.
  • Drivers with impaired driving skills, such as being intoxicated or visually-impairing pharmaceuticals, also contribute greatly to accidents that could be avoided.
  • Weather conditions also play a part; snow, rain, and fog contribute greatly to hazardous road conditions.

All of these causes and more need to be avoided while on the road.

What to do First

Once you make sure everyone in your vehicle is safe and injury-free, it is wise to remain in your vehicle in the event the accident is not completely over. Keep seat-belts fastened just in case and contact your local emergency number immediately. Don’t assume any bystanders will take immediate action.

If you or a passenger is injured, then do what you can to ease the pain while contacting either 911 or 112 or both.

Once the initial shock is over, document what transpired to the best of your ability. If you notice witnesses standing by, be smart and write down or record their accounting of the situation. Take photos of your car and any car that yours may have damaged. Make sure to get contact information from bystanders as well as those who are involved.

Who Pays?

This is where it becomes tricky. In some instances, the pile-up is caused by someone breaking unexpectedly followed by a chain-reaction from those driving behind.  If this was a cut and dry situation, each driver would be responsible for damaging the car in front of them. Rear ending is caused by not allowing enough room between vehicles.

However, determining the fault of most multiple vehicle accidents is not quite that simple. There are several situations where more than one driver would be found at least partially guilty. For example, let’s say Auto A stops suddenly to avoid a deer crossing the road. Auto B is manned by an intoxicated driver who smashes into Auto A. Auto C was tailgating. Even if Auto A was not really at fault, insurance companies may feel differently.

Most multi-car accidents are complicated so it could take a while to determine the root cause of the crash. A careful review of the circumstances will be reviewed by an investigator and insurance claim adjusters. But assuming insurance adjusters are going to ensure your best interests are at heart is unrealistic. At that point it is totally out of your hands.

Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help?

It is smart to have a legal advocate on your side to help get you through the complex labyrinth of procedures, particularly if there if injuries or pain and suffering are involved.

Insurance company investigators may try to prove their client was not at fault to avoid having to pay the damages. In fact, that is quite common. Your personal injury lawyer will get to the bottom of the situation and provide contrary evidence that shows the other driver(s) were at least partially responsible.

Having a legal advocate is generally enough to persuade Insurance companies to settle out of court. All parties understand that going to court means more money. It is actually more costly and risky. A jury cannot be counted on to conclude a verdict that will be in their favor, therefore, they will not want to take the incident to court. An attorney will make sure you are given the respect and treatment you deserve.

If You’ve Recently Been involved in a Multiple-Vehicle Accident

At Wynperle law we fight to help our clients after a devastating injury or accident. If you or someone you love is dealing with such an event, contact us today at 866 688 3353. Having a compassionate legal expert on your side can help still the ripples of a tragic accident or injury. We are happy to provide a complimentary consultation. If we can’t help, we will refer your case to an associate who can.

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